• Automotive

    Automotive electronics require the highest level of quality given the related applications. Electronics are the main contributor to the connected vehicle revolution we are witnessing. Thanks to electronic manufacturing solutions, engineering and manufacturing services, we, as an EMS company for years, have developed high-end solutions for automotive electronics.

    Our experience as a contract manufacturer in automotive brings to our clients the best electronic manufacturing services (EMS), from design, engineering and prototyping to new product introduction and mass production.

  • Industrial Controls

    Industrial controls consist of various technologies applied to numerous industries. From printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to full product assembly and manufacturing, it implies dealing with complex electronic circuit boards as well as mechanical enclosures (sheet metals, CNC, plastics), to reach the perfect result for our customers. Your EMS partner must be expert for years in electronic manufacturing solutions. 

  • Smart Terminals

    Smart Terminals is the revolution of model payment way, most smart terminals submit credit card data over an internet connection. They can be hardwired or wireless. Wireless terminals use Bluetooth, WIFI, cellular networks, and satellite networks to process payments.

    we have the most advanced facilities to support the manufacturing and testing requirement and have established a long-term business relationship with the global leading smart terminal companies.

  • Medical

    Aging populations and increasingly prevalent chronic diseases are the fundamental drivers creating demand for expansion of lifestyle medical procedures and healthcare industry. There will be huge demand for medical technology products for years to come.
    We adhere to the highest level of quality standards throughout the manufacturing process. Our vertically integrated facility includes controlled environments, rigorous inspection protocols and highly experienced teams to help you produce devices that make a difference. Our mature system can guarantee the quality for you .

  • IoT

    IoT are a huge contributor to the ever connected world we live in. Helping our life to be more convenient, better, healthier and more organized, product innovators are always on the edge of a technology breakthrough which could impact our lives.
    As an electronic contract manufacturing company, we can support IoT manufacturing from the design stage by focusing on design to cost and assembly, as well as user experience to provide the highest level of pleasure and functionality.